Affordable and Quality Education
The following is a summary of our financial information and is not a comprehensive review. Please refer to the financial agreement in our Enrollment Package for additional information.

Application Fee: $150 (per family)


Pre-Kindergarten: $4,500                                  Elementary (K-3rd) $7,375.00                          Elementary: (4th-5th): $6,850.00                              Middle School (6th- 8th grade): $6,850.00                     High School (9th-12th): $7,050.00

Book and Resource Fee:

Pre-Kindergarten: $425.00
Elementary (K-3rd): $525.00
Elementary (4th-5th): $550.00
Middle School (6th-8th): $550.00
High School (9th-12th): $550.00

Additional Fee:
Graduation Fee (K5 & 8th Grade): $50

There will be a 5% discount (tuition only) for those who pay the entire year’s tuition on or before August 1st for the upcoming school year. If a child is withdrawn by the parent before December 31st, your prorated refund will be issued up to 90% of the remaining balance owed. If a parent withdraws a student after January 1st, no refund will be given. 

Payment Plan:
Your tuition will be divided up into ten equal payments. The 1st payment is due on August 1st, and the last is due on May 1st.

There are three scholarship programs that NLA Academy currently accepts: Step Up For Students, McKay Scholarship, and AAA. Please note that a Scholarship Commitment Fee of $100 (per family), still applies to students who are on scholarship. Any balances unpaid by third parties (scholarships) becomes the responsibility of the child’s parents/guardian.